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BREVO Double Wall Cordless Electric Glass Kettle

I have been using this electric kettle for two weeks. So far so good. With 1.7 liter large capacity, the kettle looks great and can hold a lot of water. It is very easy to use. Just open the lid, fill with some water, close the lid, and then switch it on. That’s it. The blue light will light up to indicate that the kettle is in the boiling cycle. It heats up and boils rapidly in few minutes. The blue light looks very nice while it’s boiling. The kettle shuts off automatically after the boiling cycle is completed. At first I thought it was made of plastic. But when I took a closer look, I found it’s double-walled, consisting of inner glass and outer plastic shield. Thus, it is hot after boiling but safe to touch. Yet the top part is made with a single layer of glass. So be careful because it’s as hot as boiling water. Fortunately, the handle is adiabatic, therefore no need to worry about being scalded.

Also, the detachable mesh filter is very convenient for tea brewing and also easy to clean. More, it’s flexible that the kettle is cord-free when removed from its 360 degree swivel base and has an insulated bottom that stays cool to the touch for easy transport.

I already know it boils quickly. But how fast it does? I don’t know. So I decide to do a test. The test is to see how long it takes to boil 1.5L of tap water and how hot the surface will be. I tape a temperature sensor on the plastic surface to track the temperature, and use the stopwatch on my phone to record the time. The test is conducted at an ambient temperature of 77°F, starts when it is on, and ends when it is automatically off.

It takes about 6 minutes and 9 seconds to boil the water. The temperature of the surface is 118 °F when it’s just off, and goes up to 133°F in a few minutes. You only need to wait about 6 minutes to get 1.5L of boiling water, fast enough. The surface temperature of 133°F is acceptable.

I mainly use it to make tea or coffee, and sometimes to make cup noodles. It is very handy if you want to make a few cups of tea without taking over the microwave. It is exactly what I want and I am so glad to have this fantastic kettle!